Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Blues

It's fall and I find myself slipping into a gloomy mood.  I really love fall and usually I'm excited for Halloween, but this year the "blues" seem to have hit me early.  Also I spend a lot of my week working at my "real job", so when I get home I'm usually tired and not feeling very inspired.  I do have a few new projects in mind, but I just need to find the mental energy and creativity to do them.  Do you feel like this too?  What do you do to pull yourself out of it?


  1. Great question! I recently bought a bright red enamel pot for slow cooking. I also have a cook book I'd been wanting to try some recipes in, called "All in One". Today I had so much fun cooking and filling the house with wonderful smells. This evening we went for a long walk. For me, fall is full of so many amazing smells, can't wait for the colors to burst in the leaves.

  2. Yes Prisha I too love all the colors of fall! This is my favorite time of the year and I should be enjoying it. I did have a great chat with my best friend after I wrote this blog, she had some good things to say and I'm hoping to use what she suggested.

  3. COME DANCE NEXT WEEK! I get blues every fall as well, and this year is bad too~ I've got a dr appt on thursday because of it. I've got the extenuating circumstances though. Being sick and almost dying can throw anyone into the depths of despair! But really~ I felt amazing after dance tonight =)