Thursday, June 2, 2011

Corvallis Etsy Team window display

I'm so excited! The Corvallis Etsy Team window display is up!! Stop by and check it out @ The Footwise Artists' Window (East Facing Window) located on 3rd and Madison Downtown Corvallis!
(click on any picture for a closer look)

And a look at the whole display:

Here's a virtual tour:

Hope I was able to get a picture of everyone's artwork, if not I apologize.


  1. Looks wonderful! Thanks for the virtual tour Joy!

  2. wow. I didn't get to see a good picture of the dolls in the basket. did you miss those?

    I think I was not represented very well in the display.

  3. Peggy I sent you an email with a closer/cropped picture of your dolls. :) I hope that helps you.

  4. Thanks Joy. Great job of including everyone in your picture. I helped set up the window and it was a challenge to get a nice balance but I think we pulled it off. It took five of us over two hours and many trips in and out of the window. Sorry to hear that Peggy isn't satisfied with her dolls placement. They are ding dang adorable dolls afterall.

  5. Thanks Jan I tried to get everyone in the photos! I think everything is presented very well, Nice Work!!